About Us

We believe each and every day is a gift and should begin with the blessing of divine fragrance most cherishable creation gifted to us by mother nature. We offer wide range of artisan items which are produced, manufactured and packed by highly skilled workforce. Each product we offer is handmade from the pure oils and extracts from trees, resin, fruits, flowers, leaves, roots offered to us by Mother Nature.

All our products are free from artificial essence, chemical, preservatives or alcohol. We strictly manufacture our products as per traditional method followed in vedic period as mentioned in ancient manuscripts. We are the only manufacturer to have as many fragrance sin the form of paste and oil, offer as many as grades in Javadhu scented paste and oil.

Our products are exported to many countries around the world. We are based in Southern Part of India a state called Kerala. We are continuously looking for ways and means to bring more value to our customers through new innovations and modifications in the divine products.

To bring our Traditional Indian Natural Javadhu scented products to every one those who are associated with spiritual world through prayers, yoga, meditation, carry out daily rituals in different part of the world. We honor expectation of human beings around the world in getting natural products gifted to us by nature & its energy, inspire people to foster a community of healing, discover the peacefulness & good health in abundance from using our Natural Javadhu Products.

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