Javadhu Scented Cream

Javadhu Scented Cream

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Scent of Siddhar Javadhu


We manufacture premium quality Javadhu Aromatic Product available in Indian Market. Javadhu scented product is available in the form of solid cream, powder and roll on.
This product is made of 100% sandal oil as base, Floral Extracts & Herbs. We manufacture these products as per ancient siddha writies taken from manuscript.
Quality : Natural, Very good, no side effects.
Manufactured with pure sandal oil, Floral Extracts,.
Free from any kind of chemical or preservative. Strictly manufactured as per traditional method for more than 100 years.
The divine aroma make you feel the divine presence within and around us through positive energy.
Specification Of Javadhu Scented Products
The perfect blend of Nature for soothing and ecstatic Fragrance
A soothing and romantic body fragrance is everyone’s wish.
To discover one such fragrance is bliss, A Fragrance be part of you, refresh the world around you, bring smiles to your dears, a sense of comfort, vitalized mood and charisma in every moment of your life.
What more you need if it is gifted with qualities of safety, pleasant, simple and all the more important Natural
That one product comes from the Land known for fragrance and Aroma. A traditional Indian Natural blended powder, The Javadhu – the Divine Fragrance from paradise
With a perfect blend of nature gifted Sandal Oil, Sandal Powder and Indian ecstatic floral extracts the powder is so unique to fill your hearts with joy and romance.
This most natural divine fragrance can even be used on babies as well to keep them happy, fresh and safe from germs.
Being powder form it’s easy to apply and will not suffocate the baby.
With its divine and calming fragrance it gives mental peace and relaxation from stress when used in the morning and evening.
Usage is quiet simple to mix with little drop of water and apply on body after shower to make the aroma more long lasting.
Now we gift the experience to the world branded as Javadhu scented powder


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