Kasturi Solid Cream

Kasturi Solid Cream

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Kasturi the Muska


Kasturi Sugandham is one of its rare kind invented by Siddhas as per instruction of lord to be used in daily rituals since Vedic period in Sanadhana Dharma.
The nature of this Product is to attract divine power and is used extensively in rituals, daily pooja and for medicinal preparations.
We make finest quality Kasturi paste and Attar with 100% purity.
What more you need if Kasturi (Black Musk is gifted with qualities of divine, pleasant and the more important with its Natural aroma bring divine power through harmony and love.
This divine kasturi comes from the Land known for fragrance and Aroma.
A traditional Indian Natural blended product, Kasturi the Divine Fragrance invented by siddhas since vedic period for rituals and daily pooja with the intention of feel the divine presence in and around us.
With a perfect blend of nature gifted Kasturi, Herbs and Indian ecstatic floral extracts the most natural paste and Sugandham is so unique to fill your soul with divine presence and immense happiness.
With its divine and calming fragrance it gives mental peace and relaxation from stress when used during yoga, meditation, prayers etc.
Now we gift the experience to the world branded as Natural Divine Kasturi Paste


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