Kayakalp Ayurvedic Bath Soap

Kayakalp Ayurvedic Bath Soap

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why kayakalp
nature's gifted ingredients - contains 23 world famous herbs and coconut oil.
handmade soap and contains no animal fat - halal certified
a dual purpose soap — can be used in hair in the place of shampoo
plenty of benefits to the entire body — 'hair to foot'
protect hair from dandruff and aids healthy & stable hair growth
ensures brighter face with enduring youthfulness
regular use of the soap avoids prickly heat
heals facial marks / pimples / blemishes / skin patches and prevents further formation brings relief from skin itches
body gets the feeling of freshness with lasting smell of herbs
keeps body totally free from the odor of sweating
daily use of the soap rejuvenate the body with cooling & soothing effect


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