Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus

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Divine Fragrance


We make finest quality Divine Aromatic scented paste and oil made deom natural floral extracts. These divine flowers Blue Lotus, Manoranjitham, Makizhampoo and Parijatham is brought to earth by Bhagwan Sri Krishna from Deva Logam at the request of Rukmini. The fragrance of these flowers is very much associated with divine love hence used in daily pooja, temple rituals in Sanadhana Dharma.

InSanadana Dharma the Natural Sugandham (Aroma) plays a very import part in all types of daily pooja in home as well as in temple rituals. Wherever natural fragrance moves around is in the air, it shows the divine presence in one or some other way. Hence using the floral extracts in rituals and daily life makes one to feel the divine presence in and around us. The divine aroma enable us to fell the positive vibration and feel the powder of divine love, bliss within & around us. The aroma of these products are natural, long lasting and vibrant. When applied on skin when during meditation, yoga or prayer we can feel the divine presence. These products are free from alcohol, chemical or preservatives. With the blessing of Siddhas we gift these divine aromatic products to the world.


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