shenbaga poo cream

shenbaga poo cream

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Siddha sugandham products


Shenbagam Flower is one of the most aromatic and mind captivating flower and is the favourite sugnadham of Bhagwan Subramanya swamy. Shenbagham flowers are made in the form of garland and offered to Mahadev, Mahavishnu, Mahalakshmi and other Godess Worship in Sanadahana Dharma. This flower is an integral part of all types of Daily Pooja, Rituals, Temple Festivals . Jasmine Flower caries a divine and most powerful aroma that attracts the divine presence where it is used. Gurunathan Agthiar is very fond of this arom and uses regularly on his daily offerings to Bahagwan bduring brahmamurhata time in temples where supreme is power is residing always. Since Vedic period Chenbagam is used all types of pooja and offerings by siddhas in their worship. This Sugandham (aroma) reflects the power of attracting the divine presence when used regularly in places where every activities carried out as per natures wish without any expectation,
We Make the Chenbhagam Cream with natural and pure extracts with Pharma Grade Wax, Amber and Herbs. The aroma is natural, powerful and is reflects divine powder. Made exclusively for using in Pooja and will be an integral part of worship when used regularly


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