Bhogar Samadhi Scented Powder

Bhogar Samadhi Scented Powder

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Bhogar Samadhi


Bhogar Samadhi Sugandham is a divine aroma made with mix of various natural extracts such as Sandalwood oil, Chenpagam, Camphor, Floral Oil, Herbs, etc as per the guidance and instruction of Siddhar. The Bhogar Samadhi Sugandham will make you feel the greatest joy in recognising the omnipresence of Divine Power within and around us

Similarly all of us should be conscious of the immanence of Devas in everything and enable us to carry on their daily duties as a consecration to the Divine with high positive energy.

As close as we are to Parabhrahmam so close is Parabhrahmam to us. If we understand this truth, then we will realise that God is everywhere.

Bhogar Sugandh generates high positive energy by creating calmness is one’s protection. One’s joy is one’s heaven and make you feel this when you do pooja, yoga ,meditation or namasankirthanam.

Only those who have dived deep and contacted the underlying principle of Love, can picture Divinity. When communion with the Divine, who is the source of all knowledge, power and wisdom, is established, one has access to every kind of knowledge.

Bhogar Sugandh enables everyone to strive and achieve fulfilment by filling this human adventure with the sweetness of love and transforming it into an expression of Divinity.

True divine sugandh (Aroma) is that which fosters the sense of oneness, draws out one's divine qualities and promotes the blossoming of human personality that connects with divine power.


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