Lavender oil

Lavender oil

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The offered Lavender essential oil is extracted from the flowers of Lavender plant through the steam distillation extraction process.
This flowering plant is native to the western Mediterranean region and grown widely in the mountains of northern Spain.
This oil is widely praised for use with aroma diffuser to spread a calming fragrance throughout the interiors of home, office and meditation centers. Besides, this essential oil also helps to uplift mood and spirit when used in aromatherapy. Just a few drops of this oil is ideal to take yourself in a whole new world of calmness and purity.
rest assured that you will get only 100% pure, natural and undiluted lavender oil.
No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-back Guarantee if you will not be satisfied with our offered lavender oil!
Our Lavender oil is very commonly referred as Lavandula angustifolia oil or Lavandula latifolia oil.
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Information given here about Lavender oil is true to the best of our knowledge and is for entertainment purpose only. But, it may be incomplete or still lack in certain points. So, take the prescription from your doctor before using it for any medical problem.


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