Natural Sandal powder

Natural Sandal powder

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lSandal Powder is made with pure Sandal Wood.
The sandalwood dust we offer is very soft and nice, aroma is natural.
Free from any adulterations or preservatives.
A soothing and romantic body fragrance is everyone's wish.
To discover one such fragrance is gods gift. With its divine and calming fragrance it gives mental peace and relaxation from stress when used in worship place.
Now we gift the experience to the world branded as Pure Sandalwood powder.
1. Keep Body Cool & Fragrant, Mix with little water and apply it on body to keep cool and fragrant through the day
2. Keep Mind calm and active, An Indian Natural blended powder, Sandalwood aroma from paradise
3. Natural, Pleasant and Safe, Free from any chemical or Preservatives or Alcohol
4. Give more power & concentration when applied during prayers
5. Put a small tip of sandal powder in the Fire made with Charcoal the fragrance will spread and remain inside the flats & business establishments for quite long time. This will drive away all unwanted elements from by using it regularly.
6. Effective when used for face packing in beauty shops and saloons.


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