Om skanda powder

Om skanda powder

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Om Skanda is a traditional indian natural aromatic pooja sugandam powder made as per ancient palm leafs and veda agamas.
The power made with pure sandalwood dust, natural ingredients, herbal and floral extracts All the aromatic ingredients used in making this powder is used by siddhas, Rishis, Yogis, during their offerings to lord in brahmamurhata pooja in temples located in remote mountains and landscapes where there is the divine power is very high due to clear and peaceful atmosphere.
A Divine, soothing and blissful body fragrance is everyone's wish. To discover one such fragrance is blessing. We make finest quality Om Skanda Sri Divine Essence Powder available only in India (Bharat Varsh) since Vedic period.
This Divine Essence Powder invented by Siddha with the blessing of god passed on to mankind to feel the presence of divine power through natural fragrance with harmony, love for cleansing oneself of all impurities. To feel divinity within.
A Fragrance be part of you, refresh the world around you, bring smiles to your dears, a sense of comfort, divine atmosphere and charisma in every moment of your life.
With a perfect blend of nature gifted Sandal Oil, Sandal Powder Indian ecstatic herbal and floral extracts the powder is so unique to fill your hearts with joy and romance.
With its divine and calming fragrance.
The divine power is omnipresent and is in everyone and in every object.This truth has to be realized from the message conveyed by the process of inhalation and exhalation that goes on in everyone 21600 times in a day.
When this divine essence powder is applied on skin With every breath the message is proclaimed "I am God"realiasing oneness, all actions,should be done as an act of dedication to the divine power within us.
Now we gift the experience to the world branded as Om Skanda scented powder gifted to this Vedic land by Lord Muruga through Gurunathar Agathiar


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