"Javadhu Incense" Stands As Fragrance Of Divine Blessing To Humanity

"Javadhu Incense" Stands As Fragrance Of Divine Blessing To Humanity

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Hand Rolled Mattipal Sticks


Javadhu is a traditional Indian Fragrance product made of 100% pure sandal oil as base, Natural Floral Extracts & Herbs.
Our Javadhu Products are made in the form of Paste, Roll-on, Powder & Incense Sticks.
Javadhu Products are free from Alcohol, Chemical or Preservatives.
We are the only manufacturers to make Javadhu Products in more than 25 fragrances extracted from rare & precious flowers exist only in India since Vedic times.
Our Incense sticks are Made up of finest quality aromatic herbs, essential oils, powders and resins, Incense sticks are having length of 8", Weighing 1gm and is machine rolled.
These Incense Sticks are widely used in religious ceremonies, spiritual purification, aromatherapy, masking bad odor etc.
Offered in different fragrances ranging from blissful floral to down-toearth herbal and woody scents, these incense sticks can be availed at reasonable prices.
We are the only manufacturer to have the Javadhu Fragrance in Incense sticks with premium quality & lasting fragrance.
These sticks are manufactured in traditional way make sure incense is perfectly absorbed by sticks.
All modern day incense sticks are made with machine spray to make big quantity, whereas we make sticks on our own traditional way to keep up the quality & fragrance.
An efficient quality culture within the organization ensures high level of adherence to standards right from raw material sourcing to customer satisfaction after each shipment.
We welcome custom branding and we produce wide range OEM incense to customers around the world.
All our incense products are free from any chemical or preservatives.
Each Stick is hand crafted and is packed with care in beautiful packages.
As for Practioners and researchers of aroma therapy our floral incense is of answer for all your needs.
Explore our Product series and you will truly agree that you have created a heavenly atmosphere around yourself.
Incense sticks play a vital role in the prayers of human race across the world irrespective of religion or culture.
Incense sticks enable us to feel the divine presence around & within us with harmony & love.
Keeping this mind we use best quality aromatic ingredients, best labour practices in the industry & latest standards for environmental protection.


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