Pure Cow Dung Viboothi

Pure Cow Dung Viboothi

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Vibhuti is an age-old practice is made of dried cow dung cakes in a traditional/ sacred way followed since ancient times.
Cow-Dung cakes are dried on rocks to avoid dust and sand.
Cow dung covered with hay & paddy husk (without rice), baked to get the sacred ash called Vibhuti.
After burning cow dung has to be kept for 7-10 days to get fire extinguished.
At the end cow dung cakes will burned completely & become ash.
This then filtered and mixed with Javadhu, Herbals to get 100% pure Javadhu vibhuti.
This is done on Sivarathiri day on every month.
The Cow dung from Indian breed cows are best used for making vibhuti.
Vibhuti (Sacred Ash) is one of the primary non-milk output comes from the holy cow.
Vibhuti is foremost of saivite a symbol which is to be adorned in one's body.
It is also called "Thiruneer" in Tamil and is also traditionally associated with curative properties.
Pure Vibhuti is Aiwswaryam Wealth (Prosperity) and Goddess Lakshmi resides in Gomaya and in Gomaya Vibhuti.
We also have Viboothi Paste and Roll on in this divine fragrance having mesmerizing effect on skin and body when applied.
Fragrance is pleasant, long lasting and effective when applied during prayers, yoga or meditation.


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