Sandal oil

Sandal oil

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Siddha sugandham products


Sandalwood is a divine aroma gifted by Bhagwan Mahavishnu and is passed on to mankind through Siddhas. The sandalwood is one of the best aroma gifted to world by India since Vedic period. Indian Sandalwood is said to be the best in the world due to its divine aromatic nature.
We manufacture one of the finest quality Sandalwood Products with natural extracted sandal oil. Our Sandal (Santalum) Products are manufactured with oil extracted from Natural & Pure Sandalwood cultivated in Southern parts of India. Sandal Oil through natural process and is used as it is. The base is 100% pure sandalwood Oil for all our sandal aromatic products.
Sandal Products come from the Land known for fragrance and Aroma. The natural aromatic oil from paradise gifted to mankind by Siddhas, available only in India. Small drop of oil is more than enough to go for long way. With a perfect blend of nature gifted Sandal Oil, Herbs and Indian ecstatic floral extracts the Sandal Cream is so unique to fill your hearts. with joy and romance. Increases the divine energy, positive and mind captivating power. Our specially made 100% pure Sandal Products available in the form of Solid paste can be used by applying it directly to the body.
The Fragrance will keep body fresh through the day. It’s the best natural remedy for treating body odor, skin allergy ideal for arromotherapy.. It’s used for new born babies in India since ancient days. The base ingredient is 100% pure sandal oil which acts as a fragrance material as well as a Disinfectant to drive away germs and bacteria. This is the best and safest natural product which can be used on new born and small babies tosafeguard from insects.


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