Traditional Hand Rolled Flora Incense Sticks

Traditional Hand Rolled Flora Incense Sticks

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Hand Rolled Mattipal Sticks


History of ancient India repeats itself in the form of various aromas which are traditionally Indian aromas.
The variety of traditional Indian fragrance is what you get with us.
We offer traditional hand rolled Flora incense sticks in Sandal, Halmaddi, and in many more fragrances with natural oil.
Our world is full of traditions and we have the incense for every mood and tradition.
Traditionally Hand Rolled Incense stick is an oriental blend of Nature's fragrant & evergreen forest's gift Halmaadi (Ailanthus Malabaraca) Honey, Benzoin, Natural Oil.
Aromatic Ingredient from natural extracts taken from western Ghats has been used for creating an exclusive and divine incense.
We have as many as fragrances in Halmaddi Incense sticks made with Natural Resin and extracts.
Divine Floral Incense Sticks creates a pleasant natural atmosphere idea for Prayer, Yoga, Meditation, Rituals and Aroma Therapy.


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