Cow Dung Incense Sticks

Cow Dung Incense Sticks

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Hand Rolled Mattipal Sticks


Natural Gobar Dhoop Sticks are pure Panchagavya dhoop sticks made up of Dry Cow Dung mixed with Natural and pure Herbs used in Hawan Samagri.
Dhoop Sticks purifies air and atmosphere with its ingredients.
When Dhoop sticks lighted in premises regularly during pooja, prayer time during morning and evening brings peace, harmony,love, kindness, bliss and divine presence through its natural aroma in and around us.
When lighted dhoop sticks harmonizing the atmosphere including physica,mental and innermost of our consciousness.
Burning a stick at a time is more than enough to feel the power of divine presence through.
the positive energy generated by performing a yagna Chavan)


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