Cow Dung Cake

Cow Dung Cake

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These Upla Cow Dung Cake are made using Desi Cows Dung.
Pure Cow Dung is used in the making of these Cow Dung Cake.
Available in two types Plain & the other one has Cow Ghee used in the preparation.
Apart from Desi Cow Ghee in one of the variant, no other additives or ingredients being added during the preparation..
Quality is very high and is very effective, powerful when used in havan, yagna, homam and agnihotra.
The smoke from pure cow dung clears the atomosphere and purify the air by increasing the oxygen.
When the smor goes inside the hicke generated from the homam or agnohotra and inherited into the human body the energy level goesup and will make you feel healthy and positive.
This is due to its divine nature of cow dung and is ingredients.


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