Javadhu oil

Javadhu oil

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Siddha sugandham products


Javadhu Aromatic oil is made with Sandal Oil as base and mixed with natural floral extracts, herbs, Divine aroma is available only in the land of Sanadana Dharma (India) that too in the place where all 18 siddhas (the masters of this universe) make their presence to serve paramatma and mankind.

Javadhu Sugandham Oil is very much divine, pleasing, mind captivating and ensures sense of immense satisfaction when applied on idols and on our skin during daily pooja, yoga, meditation, prayer, rituals. The satisfaction will make you feel the divine power and its presence through its blissful sugandham (aroma), This javadhu is one of the finest quality aroma offered to mand kind by the masters of the Universe through their pooja to paratma in brahmamurtha time as part of their daily offerings.


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