lemon cream

lemon cream

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,Lemon is called Deva Kani (Devas Fruits) since this plays in important role in our daily pooja, rituals. It is one of the most powerful and aromatic fruit used in all pooja and festivals of temples in India. This Fruit is most commonly used in worshipping of Kamakshi, Durga ,mahalakshmi and other Godess in Sanadahana Dharma. This fruit is offered to all bhagwan in the form of lemon garland in Temples. The aroma of Lemon caries a divine and mind captivating aroma that attracts the divine power where it is used. Since Vedic period Lemon is used all types of pooja and offerings.
We Make ther LemonCream with natural and pure extracts Pharma Grade Wax, Amber and Herbs. The aroma is natural, powerful and is mind captivating. Made exclusively for using in Pooja and will be an integral part of worship when used regularly.


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