Dhurba Yoga Mat

Dhurba Yoga Mat

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Made with dhurba grass as per traditional method and is very powerful to prevent radiation, negative energy and is a total protection against all kinds of eclispse radittion,.
Age-old Hindu texts talk about being absorbed in meditation, or Samdhistha. The Darbha grass meditation mat is a reflection of this characteristic of the Darbha or Kusha grass, conducive to intense states of concentration and meditation.
Buddhist accounts reveal that it was the same material used by Buddha as his meditation seat when he attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.
Since the Vedic times, Kusha grass has been considered to be a sacred plant.
Even the Rig Veda makes mentions of this grass and its significance in holy ceremonies.
Lord Krishna recommends Darbha grass in the Bhagvad Gita as the ideal seat for meditation.
Traditionally woven with organic cotton threads, this mat has been used for meditation since ancient times because of its purifying ability.
Due to its energy retention properties that prevent energy from being released through the body into the ground, during meditation, this Darbha grass meditation mat will help you attune to higher levels of concentration and become engaged in deep meditation.


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