pachai karpooram

pachai karpooram

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Pure Camphor


Pachai karpooram (Bhimseni kapoor,) is known by many names, including p nagi karpura, patri kapoor, and desi kapoor. But No one knows bhimseni camphor is natural, crystalline camphor derived from the tree of Cinnamomum camphora and pine.
Bhimseni kapoor is quite different from regular camphor. For instance, bhimseni kapoor is edible in small quantities , and can safely be consumed by most people, except young children or pregnant women. Plus, bhimseni camphor comes in broken pieces and size since it is pure and natural.
Bhimseni camphor is widely used across India for various reasons, and it is often a recommended medicine by most Ayurvedic practitioners to treat various conditions.
Watching camphor light up an entire stack of wood during pujas is fascinating, but camphor is much more than that. According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, camphor—also known as kapoor—is a natural healer of the mind and body, make you understand the divine presence within and around us. The aroma is so pure, powerful and divine, enable us to fell the bagwan within us.


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