pooja karpooram

pooja karpooram

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Pure Camphor


In Sanatana Dharma Karpooram (Camphor ) plays a import role in daily pooja, rituals, aradhana of bhagwan in temple as well as in home. Pure Camphor is used in all these poojas and is made from extracts of Camphora and pine tree. The aromatic nature of pure camphor brings the divine power with the presence of goddess Lakshmi and enhances the prosperity , growth and clear entire the atomosphere. Camphor is said to be one of the most important ingredients such as Kumkum Powder, Sandal Powder, Natural Divine Aromatic Powder (Javadhu, Om Skanda ), Seasame Oil,Pure Desi Ghee etc.
The distinct scent of camphor helps ease nasal congestions and triggers an open and smooth airflow. Burning camphor alone every day can bring positive, Divine thoughts In order to protect us from various diseases, mix a few drops of camphor oil in water and take bath with this water every day. It clears all negative energy and activates the chakras.
Even the wealthiest temples burn camphor several times during the day. That’s mostly because it is believed that burning camphor pleases bagwan and devotees get blessed with virtue and prosperity. That’s the significance of camphor in several ways. Make your home as peaceful as a temple by getting our 100% pure Karpooram


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