Marikolunthu oil

Marikolunthu oil

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Marikozhunthu is one of the most aromatic flower used in worshipping of Mahavishnu, Subramanyaswamy, Mahalakshmi and other Godess Worship in Sanadahana Dharma. This flower is an integral part of all types of Daily Pooja, Rituals, Temple Festivals . This Flower caries a divine and mind captivating aroma that attracts the divine power where it is used. Since Vedic period this flower is used all types of pooja and offerings by siddhas in their worship. This Sugandham (aroma) reflects the power of attracting the prosperity when used regularly in places where business is carried out. When the flower is kept in home or business premises can be used for longer period even after it get dried, since natural remains for ever.
The aroma is natural, powerful and is mind captivating. Made exclusively for using in Pooja and will be an integral part of worship when used regularly.
Commonly used for sacred purposes in India, Davana oil is one of the most widely used essential oils. Davana flower is an important flower served to Lord Shiva. This oil is extracted from the flowers of davana plant by the process of steam distillation. The main chemical constituents of this oil comprise linalool, terpenoids, davana ether and davanone.


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