Cow Dung Herbal Dhoop Powder

Cow Dung Herbal Dhoop Powder

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Native cow dung herbal dhoop powder is made with pure cow dung powder, panchakarya, 108 nat- ural herbs such as leaves, ripes, fruits, seeds, roots.
This divine incense powder is very Powderful and is auspicious when used as dhoop powder in yagana or in daily homam in home and office premises.
Very effective when during homam, yagna and daily agnohotra in homes.
The powerful and natural herbal ingredients generate the divine power with positive energy and peaceful atomo- sphere with its Natural herbal aroma.
This dhoop powder is ade with natural ingredients offered by
To perfume the house & Lasting Aroma
• For Yagam (Yagna),all types of Homam, Daily Pooja
• For Welcoming guests as a gesture of hospitality
• Very effective in boosting positive energy & remove all negative spirits & bad odor
• Used in Commercial establishments to attract customers and to keep the atmosphere clean, remove negative energy.
• Used in Herbal medicines
• Enhance creativity & improve efficiency
• Free from Alcohol, Chemical or Preservatives
• Longer Shelf Life.
• Herbal Plants, Roots, Fruits, Leaves, Bark, Gum, Seeds Herbal Oil, Natural Extracts


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